Garage Whifbitz 3.5” Supra A90 exhaust testing complete!

Garage Whifbitz 3.5” Supra A90 exhaust testing complete, next step to put it into production! Stainless and titanium version will be available along with different tailpipe finishes.

We made an extra 18whp compared to the stock cat back exhaust, more gains over the stock exhaust to be made when running higher horsepower.

Modifications on our car at the moment are:

Bootmod3 stage 2 Agg map running 99 Ron pump fuel only
Whifbitz decatted downpipe
Whifbitz 3.5” cat back exhaust
Whifbitz chargepipes
Whifbitz air intake pipe
K&N drop in filter

Our car is now making 418whp and 484lb/ft torque at the wheels, SAE corrected, that’s about 498bhp at the flywheel, not bad for a few bolt on parts!

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