Garage Whifbitz cams test – the results…

Paul took my car back to TDI after fitting the new cams…

This is his report :

“We had Steve’s car on the TDi Rotortest dyno yesterday, it made an extra 29bhp at the hubs with the Whifbitz 280 9.9mm lift cams replacing the HKS 280 cams, thats around 33bhp at the flywheel approx. So pretty happy with that. 1.6 bar boost produced 629.4 at the hubs which is about 723bhp at the flywheel if you use 15% as the drivetrain loss.

Those figures were with the boost dropping off at the top end, as you can see from the dyno sheets below the torque drops off massively, so should be more to come once thats fixed.
Pretty sure its down to the 0.5 bar wastegate spring in there as we couldn’t get anymore boost out of it. Bit of a shame as we need all the power we can get to take advantage of the long straights at Snetterton, never mind, Steve will have to try harder round the twisty bits 🙂 ”

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