Whifbitz 2JZ-GTE camshaft range

Garage Whifbitz own line of upgraded camshafts for the 2JZ-GTE engine, made in the UK by a well known and long established manufacturer to our own specs.

1.    280 9.9mm lift, with this kind of lift they must be used with uprated dual valve springs. We tested back to back against the HKS 280 cams and our cams made an extra 33bhp. As used on our very own 1336bhp Supra these are proven to work on cars from 700bhp up to 1300+BHP.
2.    Whifbitz 264 9.3mm lift camshaft for the 2JZ-GTE. Designed to be used with a stock or modified cylinder head these cams will give you a nice gain in BHP. Perfect for stock turbo and small single turbo cars up to 750bhp approx. These cams have been proven to make great power and torque. Fitted to a Bullseye Power S362 Batmowheel single turbo Supra they helped this engine make 625bhp and 620lb/ft torque at 1.4 bar boost with more to come on higher boost. The same 264 cams fitted to a Supra twin turbo with stock turbos running 1.2 bar boost helping to boost power to 434bhp and 445lb/ft torque.

Proven power upgrade that works.

Now the best bit, the price. HKS cams are £713.90 + VAT pair. Anything coming from the USA is about the same sort of price as well but our cams come in at £500 + VAT for a pair making it a much more affordable upgrade and we all know how much difference cams make to bhp especially on single turbo’d engines.

Available to purchase at our online shop here.

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