Garage Whifbitz G16E-GTS GR Yaris GR Corolla G25 Tubular Manifold

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Garage Whifbitz tubular manifold to fit the G16E-GTS engine as fitted to the GR Yaris and GR Corolla.

Our tubular manifold is made to fit the Garrett G25 range of v band turbos, these turbos are available in 550 and 660 variations depending on your power goals and is available as a full turbo kit from ourselves. Our turbo kits have proven to be capable of 600bhp, may be more if the owner wants to push things higher!

Made to fit with the Turbosmart Gen V 45mm wastegate.

We  highly recommend the Thermomet heat management for the tubular manifold, this is really important on the GR Yaris & Corolla as the turbo sits behind the engine with very little airflow and the intake pipe sits directly above the turbo. The intake needs to be as cool as possible for the engine to make as much power as possible.

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