Garage Whifbitz Twin Wastegate Manifold 2JZ-GTE

Now officially released, the new Garage Whifbitz twin wastegate, twin scroll T4 turbo manifold. As you can see from the dyno sheets below this improves spool up which is great for a road car. Means you can run a bigger turbo if you wish and still have great low down response.
Price for the manifold on its own is £1200 + VAT, can be supplied with wastegates if required and we are working on making it in kit form with downpipe and wastegate pipes so it’ll be bolt on.

We tested it on my own car yesterday. All I can say is wow, what a difference it makes. Hits about 1.6 bar about 500rpm earlier now and peak torque is about 1000rpm earlier, amazing difference. The car is currently running a Garrett GT4094R with a 42 compressor wheel so its basically a GT42 in a smaller body which makes these figures rather impressive.

The changes that I’ve made are:

Before: HKS twin scroll manifold with single 60mm wastegate plumbed back into the exhaust, 4″ exhaust from the turbo back.

Now: Whifbitz twin wastegate/scroll manifold with twin 45mm Turbosmart wastegates plumbed back into the exhaust, 3.5″ exhaust from the turbo back.

Everything else is the same.

Unfortunately we couldn’t get a decent power run as the wheels were spinning at SRR dyno as usual, so dont know a peak power output as yet. But we got enough information to say that this really does work. It was making more torque at lower boost with the wheels spinning 1000rpm earlier!
On the road the car is absolutely mental quick, feels much more responsive and you can really feel the difference. I reckon I’ve knocked another 40-50kg off the weight over the winter so that must help a bit to.

Anyway, the manifold is now officially available to sell, just got to work out pricing.


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