Preparation for the 2010 Time Attack season under way…

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Were hastily prepping the cars for Oulton Park this weekend coming, so the changes we’ve made so far are :

Thanks to one of our sponsors, Super Pro, I’ve had all the bushes replaced across the whole car. Hopefully this will remove any sloppyness I had in the car’s setup with its previous possibly original rubber bushes!

Re-wired/re-cabled a lot of the harness so its tidier and safer.
This means that I can remove the dash and work on the electrics easier. More of a tidyup than any visual improvement, but long term this will make maintenance/installation of the electrics better.

New manifold on, one of the infamous ‘quick spooling’ ones 🙂

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I’m hopefully going down SRR on tuesday to get a map check from Ryan, so we will be able to see what benefits the manifold has on the system I was running (Garret GT4088R ) with only the one Wastegate. Hopefully this will show similar gains to the setup Paul tested last week, and would be a good proof for people wanting to see a back to back test.

New bonnet, lighter and NACA vented (same design as Paul’s one) – this bonnet is so light I can easily move it around on my own. More details on this from Paul once we get some proper pics of it.

New front bumper – Paul’s Ridox bumper with the new front splitter and under tray.

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New side skirts – Paul’s Ridox carbon ones. Must say these were very easy to fit, guide holed pretty much spot on and the fit is excellent – no trimming needed at all, just a few mount holes to drill – they use all the original fixing points.
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I’ll also be running slightly wider rear tyres this year, moving up to a 295 section from the 285’s.

More pics (decent ones!)  and details to come….

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