Garage Whifbitz Twin Wastegate Supra Turbo Kit

Garage Whifbitz twin wastegate turbo kit.

This now replaces the old single wastegate version. Mainly because it has proven to work better improving spool up by a significant amount and its only slightly more expensive so there really is no point in manufacturing both kits.

The twin wastegate manifold is now available as a complete bolt on kit, I believe this is the only twin wastegate kit in the world to come as a complete kit.

I’ve personally been testing the manifold out on my own Time Attack car and results were sensational. Compared to an HKS manifold I gained around 800rpm spool up and we’ve fitted the manifolds to a few customer cars now and again the results were stunning. You can read about some of this here.

The kit itself will come with everything you need:

3″ downpipe/midpipe for cars up to around 700bhp.
4″ downpipe and midpipe will also be available for those wanting to push some big power.

Both size options will be available with the option of the wastegates recirculating back into the downpipe for those who want to keep it quiet or open wastegates for those who want terrorise there neighbourhood.

Turbo wise, you can basically chose what you want. From super fast spooling 550bhp turbos to a 1000bhp turbo and anything in between.
“Off the shelf” kits will intially come with the Borg Warner Airwerks turbos, these range from 550bhp up to whatever you want basically. These will probably be replaced with the Borg Warner EFR turbos when they become more readily available. You can also opt for Precision or Garrett turbos if needed to.

Garage Whifbitz stainless steel exhaust manifold, made in the UK to our own spec and comes with a 5 year anti crack(subject to usage)warranty from point of sale. Spec as follows: T4 turbo flange, 4mm walled stainless steel construction, 321 stainless primaries, 321 stainless collector, triple pass welded and back purged for seamless internal welds, flanges are 12mm thick 321 stainless, we believe this is one of the highest quality manifolds available in the world.

2x Turbosmart 40mm Compgate wastegate, these are very very small and compact and top quality.

3″ or 4″ V band stainless steel downpipe and midpipe. Downpipe comes fitted with O2 bung for wideband sensor.

Goodridge braided oil feed line. Garage Whifbitz oil drain kit with billet flanges, braided hose and fittings.

4″ polished alloy intake pipe, 4″ K&N air filter and K&N idle valve filter.

2.5″ polished alluminium intercooler pipe to connect to the turbo, along with silicons & clamps required.

Rubber caps to block off water feed for the stock turbos on the top hose elbow

Optional extras include ceramic heat coated manifold and downpipe & turbo blanket. Another extra cost option is to have a polished turbo housing for that show car under bonnet look.

1. Setup kit without turbo 3″ DP/MP £2565.10 + VAT
2. Setup kit without turbo 4″ DP/MP £2772.16 + VAT
3. 600bhp S362 62mm Borg Warner kit with 3″ DP/MP £3396.35 + VAT
4. 700bhp S366 66mm Borg Warner kit with 3″ DP/MP £3302.60 + VAT
5. 850bhp S372 72mm Borg Warner kit with 4″ DP/MP £3353.54 + VAT
6. 950bhp S380 80mm Borg Warner kit with 4″ DP/MP £3609.66 + VAT
7. 1050bhp S383 83mm Borg Warner kit with 4″ DP/MP £3734.66 + VAT

Prices are subject to change, more prices to follow very soon.

Any questions just ask.


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