Ians 550bhp VVTi Tiptronic Supra

Check out this beauty, fantastic condition with a top spec:

  • 1998 VVTi Tiptronic Supra, gunmetal running currently around 550bhp
  • HKS TO4R turbo with Boostlogic ex manifold
  • Sard injectors with Sard fuel pressure regulator
  • HKS FCON Pro ecu
  • HKS intercooler
  • HKS exhausts
  • TRD style bonnet
  • Blitz front bumper and side skirts, Bomex rear skirts, APR rear wing
  • Whifbitz upgraded autobox
  • Whifbitz autobox cooler
  • Brembo F40 front brakes
  • 18″ alloys
  • Retrimmed std seats
  • HKS gauges
  • HKS boost controller
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