Lamspeed Racing GR Yaris & Corolla Billet Intake Manifold Kit

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The Lamspeed Racing billet intake manifold project was put into place after setting the World Record 1/4 Mile time with a 10.5 @ 131mph and a 1.36.8 at the 2022 World Time Attack Challenge at Sydney Motorsport Park. Shortly after we reset our own World Record 1/4 mile pass with a 9.8 @ 142mph making us the first Toyota GR Yaris and G16E-GTS powered vehicle into the 9s. From the data gathered and what we wanted to achieve in the future we simply need more power and we were running out of injector.

So why not just manufacture a fuel rail? The reason is, we foresee the factory plastic unit failing above 40psi and why stop there when we can more than double the factory intake manifold volume whilst adding a few extra features.

The addition of vacuum ports underneath our intake manifold for sensors and vacuum lines makes life much easier and cleaner. The factory plastic intake manifold does not allow for this as everything has to be tee’d off the single rubber hose.

A larger Bosch drive by wire throttle body is available also to feed more air into the plenum chamber.

We didn’t just stop there, we added provisions underneath each runner for direct port nitrous for those who like to party.

– This is NOT a plug and play unit. You will need the assistance of an aftermarket ECU such as a Motec or Syvecs. New fuel lines will need to be made. Wiring for injectors and throttle body is also needed.
– Bosch or Injector Dynamics injectors ranging from 1000cc to 2600cc is compatible
– Injectors are NOT included!

What this kit comes with:
– Lamspeed Racing billet intake manifold and fuel rail
– Optional Bosch 54mm drive by wire throttle body (O-ring, fasteners and plug included)
– Injector spacers and viton o-rings
– Injector wiring plugs

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