Latest dyno results – pre new cams

Paul took my car down to TDI today for a dyno run so he could do a pre/post test of his new cams.

Heres what he had to say…

“I took Steves car down to TDI today to use there Rotortest which is very impressive and highly recommended.

In its current state of tune the car made 600bhp at the rear hubs at 1.6 bar on Shell V-power(no additives) which is about what I was expecting. At a guess thats around 690bhp at the flywheel.
Tomorrow I will be fitting some of my own 280 degree 9.9mm lift camshafts and do a direct comparison with the HKS 280 9.3mm lift the engine currently has. I’m also fitting 1000cc Injector Dynamics injectors with a Titan fuel rail so we can turn the boost up to 2 bar ready for the long straights at Snetterton next weekend. Back to the dyno on Tuesday and I’ll update with dyno sheets and results.”

More to come…..

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