Snetterton test day

We had a superb day at Snetterton yesterday. Test days are brilliant, so much better than track days. There must have been about 10 cars there in total and 2 or 3 on track at any one time.

We had the Chevrolet World Touring Car team next door to us with Alan Menu driving it. Different world that is, proper race truck which is basically a rolling workshop. Team of about 20 people running the car, there pit garage was full of computers, tyres, etc. And they seemed quite interested in our cars which was nice. Alan Menu was talking to Steve quite a bit which was nice. Bloody quick around the bends those touring cars, Steve had a bit of a go against him and thought he was doing well until he let him past and he just drove off into the distance.

Steve and I more or less had the track to ourselves which was brilliant for getting into the groove and testing different damper settings out. Plenty of time spent following each other round, basically we were racing each other! Superb, I’m still grinning about it now.

I unfortunately had a bit of a problem with my engine cutting out on me which we ended up diagnosing as the crank sensor so I didn’t get a lot of time to test different suspension settings. My luck continues

Apart from that the cars were working really well. The OS Giken diff was brilliant I think. I say I think as I definately had more traction out of corners but now I’m down to a 3 litre I’m missing around 80 lb/ft torque so it wont be lighting the tyres up like it used to. So I’m not to sure whether the extra traction is because of less torque or the diff or both. I’ll see what sort of lap times next week at the last round of Time Attack, I’m hoping to get into the 1.14’s with new tyres.

Steve Linton was impressed with his diff though, he has gone from a stock LSD to the OS so its a big difference for him. I’m sure he’ll be a long in a mo to comment.

Cant wait for the 10th now.

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