Lexus IS200 3UZ ZF 8 Speed Conversion

We’ve just finished fitting another ZF 8 speed gearbox conversion this time to a Lexus IS200 3UZ V8, transforming the performance of the car.

We fitted the 8HP70 ZF 8 speed gearbox from a BMW N57 using a PMC adaptor plate and the car already had a BMW manual gearbox fitted so we reused the custom mount already in place, easy! We also had the propshaft modified to fit the new gearbox position.

The ZF 8 speed gearbox is being controlled by the excellent Turbolamik TCU which has full control of the gearbox allowing you to fully map it to suit different power outputs and rev bands. You can read more about the Turbolamik TCU on our website here.

The control of the Turbolamik TCU offers near OEM smoothness coupled with super fast shift speed in manual or auto modes. We can perform the ZF 8 speed gearbox conversion on more or less any RWD car and some 4WD cars too!

Please get in touch for more information.

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