Marc Sillifants 667BHP 1998 Toyota Supra 6 Speed VVTi

We’ve just Just finished building this beautiful 1998 Toyota Supra VVTi 6 speed, we’ve fitted it with the following mods:

  • Garage Whifbitz single turbo kit using a Borg Warner SXE 62mm turbo
  • Garage Whifbitz 2JZ-GTE VVTi 264 Camshafts
  • Garage Whifbitz 4″ Titanium Air Intake Pipe 45 Degree
  • FIC Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE 1000cc Injectors Inc Wiring Adaptors
  • Garage Whifbitz 2JZ Drive By Wire Inlet Manifold, drive by wire pedal, Bosch 90mm throttle body
  • Fuelab 535 Series Mini Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Power House Racing Battery Relocation Kit
  • Power House Racing Deluxe Power Steering Tank Kit
  • Turbosmart Raceport BOV
  • NGK Iridium Spark Plug Set – Grade 8
  • Garage Whifbitz Stage 3 Supra Catch Tank
  • Syvecs S7Plus ECU with NTK wideband lambda sensor, Pierburg boost solenoid, Bosch wideband knock sensor, Titan 3.5 bar map sensor, GM air temp sensor, Titan fuel pressure sensor with traction control
  • Gates Racing 2JZ Cambelt
  • DEi T4 Titanium Turbo Blanket
  • Garage Whifbitz Titanium Supra VVTi Radiator Pipe
  • Garage Whifbitz Supra Aluminium Radiator – Black
  • Garage Whifbitz Carbon 2JZ Spark Plug Cover VVTi Conversion
  • Spec Clutch Stage 2+ with new
  • Garage Whifbitz Supra Carbon Cooling Panel
  • Ti Automotive Walbro 530LPH Fuel Pump Kit
  • Garage Whifbitz Supra Bonnet Dampers
  • Garage Whifbitz 2JZ Billet Cambelt Bracket
  • OS Giken LSD
  • SRD Aluminium Engine & Bumper Undertray
  • Cusco Supra Adjustable Anti Roll Bars

The car is currently producing a super fast spooling 667bhp which makes for some nice useable power.

If you want your Supra tuned, built or maintained with over 20 years experience with this fantastic car then please get in touch!

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