Matts 500+BHP GR Yaris – Xtreme clutch and Lamspeed baffled sump

We chose the Xtreme Performance heavy duty organic clutch and flywheel for this build, its nice to use with stock pedal feel and quiet too unlike twin plate clutches. It also looks good too with its purple anodising!

The GR Yaris engine suffers with oil starvation, we’ve noticed this since we started fitting Syvecs ecu’s as we can see the raw data coming from the engine, the worrying thing is you wouldn’t even know its doing it using the factory ecu as there are no safety warnings or trips when the oil pressure drops too low. They seem to suffer with oil starvation the most under heavy braking where we’ve seen the oil pressure drop to 0.4 bar in some cases, obviously not good for the engine. So we fitted the Lamspeed Racing baffled sump kit which completely fixes the issue, these are an essential upgrade to any GR Yaris.

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