Matt’s 500BHP+ GR Yaris engine build and Whifbitz turbo kit

So the Whifbitz ported cylinder head has been bolted to the closed deck forged block to complete the engine assembly. We also installed the Kelford 267A cams that we will be using, on this particular build we are not after out and out power, its more about mid range power and fast response. The engine is now ready for our new GR Yaris turbo kit and to have the inlet manifold attached along with all the ancillaries.

Matt’s car is the first to have our new Whifbitz GR Yaris turbo kit, featuring our own tubular manifold which has heat protection by Thermo Met which is highly recommended to keep the under bonnet temperatures under control. Our turbo kit comes with a Turbosmart 45mm wastegate, 3″ downpipe and midpipe along with braided lines and fittings for the turbo. This particular build will be using a Garrett G25-550 turbo as we are after the fastest response and minimal lag as possible.

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