Monster 500BHP Toyota GR Yaris!

We had this 2021 Toyota GR Yaris in over the winter to transform it from a standard car to what you see here, a 500bhp monster!

We’ve fitted one of our Whifbitz GR Yaris turbo kit’s using the Garrett G25-660 turbo for maximum power. Our turbo kit comes with the option of the G25-550 or 660 depending on your power goals, both add a huge amount of power to your Yaris with minimal lag too, in fact the G25-550 turbo kit produces more power and torque sooner than any hybrid turbo we’ve tested so far.

The power unit itself has one of our signature forged engine builds using Nitto conrods, CP pistons, closed deck conversion, DP H11 head studs, HKS head gasket, Lamspeed baffled sump kit, Kelford 267A cams, Kelford valve springs, Supertech valves, Supertech bronze valve guides and a CNC ported cylinder head, this combination should make it 100% reliable.

In order to produce this kind of power you need to be able to feed the engine with enough fuel so in went one of our Whifbitz fuel systems, featuring a Walbro 520LPH fuel pump, Radium tank with built in regulator, flex fuel sensor so it can run ethanol fuel and Deatschwerks 1100cc injectors.

Controlling the engine is the brilliant Syvecs ecu which allows you to control every parameter of the engine with lots of safety features built in to the ecu to ensure your engine stays in one piece.

We also fitted a Whifbitz titanium exhaust, Wagner Tuning intercooler kit, Xtreme clutch and a Proram carbon induction kit. Its also fitted with a set of Nitron NTR1 coilovers, externally it looks standard!

Due to the car using the factory map sensor this means we are safely limited to 1.9 bar boost so the final power was limited to 420whp which is an estimated 500bhp on E85 fuel, lots more power to come when we can turn the boost up soon!

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