Toyota GR Supra A90 remap, suspension and spoiler.

2020 Toyota GR Supra A90 in with us yesterday for some modifications to spice it up a bit.

First off we fitted a set of Eibach Pro Kit springs which lower the car by around 20mm, as you can see from the pictures below it now sits perfect. We also fitted a set of Eibach wheel spacers which add 12mm on the front and 15mm on the rear making the wheels sit flush with the arches.

Next up, on went one of our Whifbitz carbon fibre ducktail rear spoilers, this simply sticks on and improves the look of the car, a much need boost to the rear end looks.

And lastly the customer wanted a boost in power so we ran the car on our Dynojet dyno to see what its producing as standard from the factory, results were 323whp which is an estimated 387bhp. This being a 2020 model means it can be mapped easily as the ecu is unlocked, it did however need a bench unlock as its had an update from Toyota. So after the bench unlock was done we installed Bootmod3 and then used the stage 1 OTS (off the shelf) multimap which comes with 4 different steering wheel adjustable maps. Map 1 91 ACN fuel which is really poor quality USA spec fuel, map 2 95 octane, map 3 99 octane and map 4 which is a stock tune.

We ran the car on map 3 as the car had Shell V Power 99 fuel in it and it made a nice 384whp which is an estimated 458bhp, torque also went from 375 lb/ft to 484 lb/ftm, a huge gain from just a stage 1 map. We can squeeze some more power out of it with a custom map if needed but the customer was more than happy with these results.

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