More Detailing

Been doing a few little bits to my car recently, just detailing stuff really.

I removed and painted the brake servo, painted the engine bay with a nice new fresh coat of paint. Also tidied the wiring around the fuse box plus relocated the ignitor pack completely out of sight which helps to clean up the engine bay. I want to do the same with the fuse box one day, bit of a job that though!

Also fitted a Tyresure, tested it properly at Snetterton back in October and works a treat, really helps if your pushing things to the limit like we do when we’re time attacking.

I also fitted connections on the dash for the Solaris ecu and Racepak datalogging dash. Basically means when I want to access them I just plug straight into them rather than fiddling around behind the dash and around the ecu for cables, makes life much easier.

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