Supra day at Surrey Rolling Road …

On Sunday, Garage Whifbitz attended the Supra dyno day at SRR, as we needed to check out the current performance of the cars and we also get a chance to catch up with some fellow mkiv supra owners. 

Back in July we’d seen 602HP/515lbft @1.4bar but we had a boost leak so couldn’t hold more than that.

This time round we saw 652HP/550lbft @ 1.3bar, again with a boost leak.

We still need to find the leak, but after a full engine refresh and a new inlet manifold it should be relatively easy to find it.

This is a great improvement, and does show to some extent that the new inlet has increased power.

Concensus indicated that we should have been able to get 700HP had the boost held.
… time to find the boost leak.

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[singlepic id=53 w=320 h=240 float=none]

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