More Power

Right as promised, here is the dyno print out from todays dyno meet at Surrey Rolling Road. I’ve changed nothing here but the cams, if you haven’t read this thread or cant be arsed to go back over it all. All thats changed is the cams, I’ve gone from using HKS 280 9.3mm lift to Titan Motorsports 280 9.9mm lift. Now as you can see from the dyno sheet, bhp and torque have gone up plus its now spooling earlier to, all in all a superb result, prooving the Titan cams really do work over the HKS.

We had alot of problems on the dyno with wheel spin so only managed one decent run, but even this had a problem at around 6500rpm as you can see below. If you follow the curve up, it would have made around 800bhp approx. Probably more with some more ignition timing as we didn’t get a chance to get into that. Anyway as it stands now it looks like a gain of around 40bhp plus around 30lb/ft torque, not bad for a set of cams. Dont forget this increase is over the HKS cams, I wonder what the gain would be over stock cams, that would be interesting to know.


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