More update, larger air filters, bonnet cancellers & T1 gearbox brace

I had the bumper off again last week to fit some larger KN air filters, these ones are good for 1300bhp so shouldn’t be a restriction me thinks! Bit of a tight squeeze in there but they just about fit.

And some Top Secret bonnet cancellors fitted, dont have to worry about the pedestrian bonnet poppers going off anymore, I now keep in stock if anyone needs a set Top Secret Bonnet Cancellors – Garage Whifbitz

Some more updates on my car. I’ve been waiting for all my gearbox parts arrive before I can turn the power up on this beast!

The car is only running 1.1 bar at the moment, already feels pretty quick as it is, so 2 bar should feel
rather tasty. Anyway, my T1 Race gearbox braces arrived yesterday and also¬†Xtreme Motorsport¬†18 plate billet clutch arrived the other day too which I cant wait to try out, this baby will take the launches I have planned! I’ll upload some more pics of this soon.

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