Whifbitz R35 GTR oil cooler and carbon cooling panel

My car is really starting to take shape now!

I fitted a carbon fibre cooling panel courtesy of Knight Racer, thanks Albert, lovely looking product
with a great fit.

I also fitted my engine oil cooler as my standard one would have bits of the old engine in it!
Dont know if you remember but Nissan wanted something silly like £4500 for a new one which is unbelievable, so I made my own. Mocal 34 row with -12 Goodridge braided lines and fittings.
I’m very happy with the way it all went, looks almost like OEM fitment as it uses all the stock oil cooler ducting and mounting brackets and its bigger than the standard unit so should cool it better too.

Next job on the cooling front is to make my own gearbox cooler kit, more on that to come.

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