More weight saving

I’m on a bit of a weight saving mission at the moment, I thought I’d get rid of all the sound proofing. Took advantage of the cold weather and most of it just chipped off, not a 5 minute job though, spent 6 hours getting rid of most of it. Guess how much it all weighed? 3kg, all that for 3kg! It all counts though, saved some with the dash mods so about 8kg of more or less freight weight loss. Next job is to remove the heater as thats got to be another chunk of weight.
The car looks a right mess at the moment, no dash, floor pans need painting, etc. Taking it to have the titanium exhaust made tomorrow, should be another 20kg off the weight hopefully.

I decided to completely redo my dashboard. It weighed in at 7.8kg and thats for the bare dash with no glove boxes, wiring loom attached, so the basic dash itself. Now its covered in a foam/vinyl material which looked quite heavy and it was, removed the lot and the dash now weighs 3.4kg. As you can see from the pics the dash now looks a right mess, next step is to get some filler out and smooth it all over, fill some holes that are no longer required and then get it flocked. After that comes a new carbon section to mount the Racepak on, this will come a bit later on. More details on all this to come soon.

And fitted my heated front windscreen

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