New product available now! Garage Whifbitz BMW M2C exhaust systems.

Available in stainless steel and titanium if you want it super lightweight.

Gains of around 12bhp on a stock car, (dyno graph shows power at the wheels).

Our exhaust is 2x 3″ where it meets the downpipes converges into a 3.5″ single pipe mid section and splits into 2 pipes to meet up with the large rear silencer which retains the 2 exhaust valves as per the OEM exhaust. So when you’re driving in efficient mode its quiet and when in sport/sport + mode with the exhaust valves open its loud.

The single midpipe section is ovalised for maximum ground clearance and the single 3.5″ pipe helps to keep the raspy noise you can get from the S55 engine under control.

Comes complete with 4x carbon exhaust tips.

To order the stainless steel exhaust please see our website here & to order the titanium version see here

Catless downpipes and sports cats are also available along with a fitting service here at Garage Whifbitz

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