Whifbitz Toyota Supra A90 now makes 784bhp!

We’ve added another modification to the Whifbitz Supra A90, this time its the CSF billet inlet manifold intercooler.

The Supra A90 suffers really bad with heatsoak which makes the intake air temperatures high, this in turn reduces power massively, which gets worse with the more power you run. On 600+bhp cars we’ve seen power loses as much as 100bhp on our dyno in 20 degree ambient temperatures with repeated runs.

So we’d thought we would try out the CSF billet inlet manifold intercooler which is designed to combat this issue and we can report it certainly works!

Looking at logs of our car with the OEM inlet manifold intercooler from February with a much colder ambient temperature of 11 degrees the intake air temperature starts at 10deg and rises to 20deg on just one pull. When you do 3rd, 4th, 5th gear pull the inlet air temperature will go even higher.

With the CSF billet inlet manifold intercooler the intake temps didn’t move. With an ambient temperature of 22 degrees (much hotter than the test done on the OEM manifold), the inlet air temperature started at 20 degrees and didn’t move all the way through to the rev limiter.

Basically the CSF billet inlet manifold will allow the car to have more power more of the time.

We made no other changes to the car or map and we saw a jump in power from 629whp to 664whp & torque went from 630 to 648 lb/ft torque, to make this power our car has the following mods:

  • Ecutek with 2 switchable maps running flex fuel sensor and E60 ethanol content.
  • Motiv Reflex controlling port injection & flex fuel integrated into Ecutek
  • Garage Whifbitz catless downpipe
  • Garage Whifbitz titanium exhaust with OPF delete
  • Pure800 hybrid turbo
  • CSF billet inlet manifold intercooler running port injection with ID1050 injectors
  • Forge Motorsport chargecooler radiator
  • Garage Whifbitz titanium chargepipe kit
  • Eventuri carbon intake kit
  • Forge Motorsport catch tank kit
  • Mishimoto CCV catch tank kit

If you would like your Supra turned into a beast please get in touch!

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