New product – Whifbitz Supra lowering springs

Garage Whifbitz uprated lowering springs for the Toyota Supra JZA80.

Our Garage Whifbitz lowering springs for the Toyota Supra JZA80 will transform the look and handling of your car. In standard form back in the 90’s Toyota decided to leave the front of the car with a nose up look which doesn’t look to great, our lowering springs change that! Our springs will lower the front by around 35mm and the rear 10mm, giving it a much more aggressive look.beforeshotaftershot2Plus the standard suspension is a too soft in our opinion giving the car boat like handling. As our springs are stiffer these will improve the handling of your car and giving it a slightly firmer ride too, much sportier than the wallowy factory settings.

Fit these along with a set of our uprated and adjustable anti roll bars and they will give your Supra the sports car handling it deserves. Available to purchase on our website here

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