Whifbitz Supra flappy paddle conversion kit!

Garage Whifbitz flappy paddle gearshift conversion for the Toyota Supra JZA80 automatic gearbox. This kit converts your Supra automatic to give you full control over the gearshift shifts using flappy paddles mounted to the steering wheel. This kit not only gives you control over what your gearbox is doing it also speeds the shift time up increasing the acceleration times of your Supra. The Syvecs ecu is fitted as a full stand alone which gives it full control over the gearbox enabling you to configure different gearshift points and speeds depending on your cars needs. Along with the usual Syvecs features like traction control, full knock control, boost control, lean lambda trips this kit will transform your auto Supra.

whifbitzsuprapaddleshift4The Whifbitz Supra flappy paddle conversion still allows you to use the automatic gearshift, leave it in drive if you want to cruise around or switch into flappy paddle mode when you want to do some serious driving. On the ecu the stock automatic gearbox shift time is around 500ms, with the Syvecs its around 300ms, even quicker on a built uprated gearbox. This kit alone will make your car accelerate faster!

Syvecs have spent many hours monitoring what the stock ecu does to ensure they did not go down the same path as some competitor’s ecu a while back. This was done as well as looking at ways to make the shifts quicker on cars which are modified. Fantastic results were found after modifying the accumulator, line and lockup pressures as well as linking in a engine torque control strategy with ability to reduce ignition timing, throttle angle and much more. whifbitzsuprapaddleshift5

Simple things like when going from Park to Drive it engages a higher gear to reduce the shock through the drive train have all been taking into account to ensure not only it is an improvement but the package also carries all the safety strategies as well to ensure the investment in the drive train is protected.

All of these parts can be purchase seperately or if you have a Syvecs ecu fitted to your car already we can supply only the parts you need.

The kit price includes:

  • Syvecs S6GP ecu
  • Syvecs plug and play automatic gearbox loom adaptor
  • Syvecs I/O expander
  • Carbon flappy paddle gearshifters
  • Daikei steering boss kit to enable fitment of a Momo style steering wheel, Momo wheel not included. This kit can be used with tiptronic steering if you are after a factory finish and can be provided new at an extra cost if required.
  • 3.5 bar map sensor and loom
  • NTK wideband O2 sensor and loom
  • Pierburg boost control solenoid
  • Bosch knock sensor and loom

There are many extras you can have to top of these parts, Syvecs bluetooth adaptor, oil pressure trip, Toucan or Racetech dash, please ask about the extra options if required. Available to purchase on our website here.

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