Toyota Supra Tuning

Toyota Supra tuning is our area of expertise, which we have been doing since the year 2000.

The Toyota Supra JZA80 is one of the most highly tuneable cars on the planet. The turbo version of the engine known as the 2JZ-GTE will take 700bhp reliably in standard form, so with bolt on parts you can have supercar performance. Here at Whifbitz we have a huge amount of experience on the Supra’s and the 2JZ engines as we have been specialising in them since the year 2000. In that time we have built countless big power Supra’s along with our own company demonstrator which currently produces 1336bhp!

Here is what we would recommend as basic tuning guide for your Supra twin turbo 2JZ-GTE:

Stage 1: The first step is to change the exhaust system, remove the standard restrictive exhaust and let your 2JZ engine breath with an aftermarket exhaust like one of our own very popular Whifbitz Supra exhaust range. These are available in 3” to 4”, size depending on your power goals, single and twin box depending on how loud you need it, all available in stainless steel or titanium. Also recommended is a performance air filter, either a K&N air filter element for the standard airbox or a Blitz induction kit.

gwperformancepackstage3Stage 2: Next up you need to remove the restrictive catalytic converters, this is known as decatting. This increases the flow through the exhaust improving power and response too. The Jap spec twin turbo cars must run a restrictor ring/plate otherwise the boost levels will be to high resulting in engine melt down. This normally raises the boost level to around 1 bar, at the same time we recommend fitting a Walbro uprated fuel pump to increase the fuel delivery, NGK iridium spark plugs with the correct heat range grading and an HKS FCD to remove the standard fuel cut on the stock ecu. Fitting these parts normally gives around 380bhp approx. We offer our tuning kit which comes with all of the parts

Stage 3: To maximise what the standard turbos and fuel system can give, you need to run 1.2 bar boost, this is achieved using a boost controller to raise the boost from the baseline wastegate pressure. We recommend the Greddy range of boost controllers as they are reasonably priced and very easy to use and setup. Running this boost you will see a nice healthy 400bhp, this transforms the way the car drives and most of our customers are happy with that power

Stage 4: If you are using the original intercooler that your car left the factory with then the chances are its had it, caused by corrosion and nearly 20 years of road debris hitting it. You have 2 options available, replacement uprated standard mount intercooler and uprated front mount intercooler.

img_4456_1_1Option 1, uprated standard intercooler, known as an SMIC, this is a direct replacement and is a great option as it retains the standard intercooler ducting and our Whifbitz Supra intercooler is rated to 550bhp so is also capable of running a small single turbo conversion too.

Option 2, front mounted intercooler, known as FMIC. This is the most popular upgrade that customers go for, giving the car an aggressive visual look visible through the front bumper and because of their much larger size most of intercoolers on the market are capable of handling big power, our own Whifbitz Supra front mount intercooler kit is suitable for up to 800bhp instance.

Stage 5: At this point you will have maxed out the standard twin turbos and this where it starts getting expensive! You now have the choice of changing the turbos to a hybrid version of the standard turbos or to throw it all away and install a single turbo kit.

For the hybrid turbo option you will need the following upgrades:

  • Hybrid turbos, these are available in 2 options. 1st option is upgraded steel shafts so the turbos can run higher boost levels than the standard Jap spec turbos. 2nd option is the same steel shaft uprade along with larger compressor wheels and 360 motorsport thrust bearings which will produce more power than the standard rebuilt hybrids. These are capable of giving around 450bhp at 1.5 bar boost, may be more when fitted with 264 cams and an aftermarket inlet manifold like the Hypertune and top notch ecu like the Syvecs.
  • Larger fuel injectors, Sard 650cc drop in injectors are perfect for hybrids, these fit into the standard fuel rail so are a cheap and easy installation.
  • Uprated fuel pump – we normally fit the Walbro 255LPH fuel pump as this is more than capable plus quiet in its operation, if you already have stage 2 then you will have this fitted already.
  • If your car is a manual you might need an uprated clutch depending on what condition your original one is in. If the car is an automatic we would recommend the fitment of a Whifbitz autobox cooler kit.
  • ECU upgrade, this varies a lot in cost depending on your budget available. Cheapest option is the Greddy Emanage Blue ecu which piggy backs on to your standard ecu and allows fuel/ignition adjustments to be carried out, its very basic but does work ok, its not ideal as you cant maximise the setup because you are limited with the ecu tune you end up with. In the middle you have the AEM EMS Series 2 which is a stand alone ecu and replaces the standard ecu allowing a wide range of adjustments when mapping. This has many options like boost control, knock control, O2 feedback but is only recommended for the manual cars. And at the top end you have the Syvecs S6GP ecu, this is the ultimate ecu for your Supra, available for the manual and auto cars. It has some fantastic safety features built in like full knock control, O2 feedback failsafe, for instance if the ecu detects the engine going lean on full throttle at a given rpm it will put the engine into limp mode hopefully saving your engine. It also has a super traction control system built into the ecu which really helps big power rwd cars like the Supra become more useable. The Syvecs has a host of other features, take a look on our web shop for more details.
  • Whifbitz 264 2JZ camshafts are a great upgrade on a hybrid turbo’d Supra, these will give your car an extra 20bhp and power all the way to the redline.


For the single turbo conversion you will need the same products as the hybrid turbo option but with the differences you see below. The standard engine can take around 700bhp reliably after that you will need to uprate the internals, these are loads of different options available for turbo selection, fuel systems, clutches, ecu’s, etc. If you need any advice please just contact us and we can assist you.


  • Single turbo kit, we normally fit our own tried and tested Whifbitz 2JZ-GTE single turbo kits. These have been developed over years of dyno testing and on the race track on our own Time Attack cars, along with countless drift cars and drag cars using our kit around the world. We’ve never had a failure or warranty return which confirms the quality of our kits. There are many different turbo options available with our kit, ranging from super fast spooling 60mm turbos up to 83mm turbos for 1300bhp. There is a lot more information on our turbo kits on our online shop here
  • Fuel system wise, you can fit the drop in Sard 800cc injector into your standard fuel rail, these will be ok up to around 700bhp. After that you will need to fit a top feed fuel rail kit, we do our own kit here which consists of Ansu Performance injectors and Whifbitz top feed fuel rail kit along with Fuelab fuel pressure regulator and Goodridge braided lines/fittings, with this fitted you can run 900bhp no problem. Larger Injector Dynamics injectors are available also for those who want to go above 1000bhp. You will also need a fuel pump capable of flowing enough fuel, we recommend the Walbro 450lph pump, capable of running up to around 900bhp on a single pump and its E85 compatible too. Fuel pressure regulator and a fitting kit is also required, Fuelab or Aeromotive both make good quality regulator, the Fuelab being our favourite as its so compact. All available here at Whifbitz,
  • You must fit a large front mount intercooler kit, we do our own very popular 4″ thick intercooler kit which is good for 850bhp,
  • Clutch to handle the power, the clutch used varies depending on your power output, we use Spec Clutch for most of our upgrades these days. They offer everything from a mildly uprated single plate clutch up to a twin plate clutch that can take 1500bhp, very nice clutches at very nice prices.

Of course, don’t forget you will need to make the car handle the power you are putting through it. We do a wide range of uprated brakes, suspension, wheels/tyres, diffs, etc to make your Supra put the power down and make it easier & more pleasurable for you to drive.

We also cater for other Toyota vehicles including the new GT86, MR2’s, Celica’s, Starlets, etc.

Please contact us for any enquiries or just advise if required.