Dash reconstruction starts …

I managed to get down to Whifbitz the other day. Must say, the boys have done a superb job on the work so far – Dazza’s meticulous workmanship, as always, has mean’t I can have a go at rebuilding the dash now. (with obviously no pressure from Daz in carrying on the workmanship style!)

I managed to make a carboard template of the dash facia, so I can cut the carbon out thats going to replace it. This wasn’t too bad a task – until I came to cutting the carbon! Lets just say I know appreciate why Toyota designed the main dash to be in 3 parts!!!
I’m about half way through this, so when I get a chance to finish this I’ll post up some pics.
The idea is to have a complete carbon facia, with a cut away section to enable getting in and out over the rollcage easier. The Racepak will be mounted on this, and the switches, fire system controls, boost controller, racelogic and AFR gauge will be mounted on the lefthand side of the dash.
I’ll also mount the connectors for the racelogic, racepak and possibly the Apexi FC on the dash as well, so configuring the electronics will be easier to plug into.

I’m also going to make some panels up to tidy up the passenger side of the dash….

Then its onto reinstalling the fire system, some changes to be made here, and then the ventilation side needs to be addressed, as it gets bloody hot in there!

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