The Whifbitz GTR makes 1012bhp!

Back to the dyno again to test out our new Whifbitz R35 GTR stage 3 cams(stage 1 and 2 to follow soon).

The car made plenty of power, making 1012bhp on 50% pump fuel/E85 mix at 1.7 bar boost, the GTX3071 turbos were well and truly maxed out, they wouldn’t make any more boost.

We were aiming to make a 1000bhp fast spooling street car and that’s what we’ve achieved, the car feels stupid quick on the road!

All built here at Whifbitz using a lot of our own Whifbitz products, Whifbitz 4″ titanium exhaust, Whifbitz intercooler kit, Whifbitz GTX3071 turbo kit, Whifbitz stage 3 cams, Whifbitz modified big valve heads plus all of the other parts to make this all work, Syvecs S8 ecu, Mahle Motorsport pistons, Carillo rods, PPG full gearset, etc. etc.

Check out the flames this thing throws out of the back!


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