WedsSport wheels now available at Whifbitz

We are now supplying WedsSport lightweight alloy wheels for all makes and models. Very high quality and very lightweight compared to some of the cheaper wheels on the market.

Since 1965 Weds has been providing high quality products for Japan’s growing automotive industry. Taking pride in being the first Japanese wheel maker to produce the a modular Forged aftermarket wheel for sports car club racing in Japan. This success has catapulted Weds to pursue further involvement with motor sport racing. Weds quickly learned motor sport racing proved valuable for research and development of their products, thus the birth of the WedsSport brand in 1975. To this day Weds continues to provide quality products all over Japan and the UK.

Here are some of the wheels available, if you cant see the size or fitment required please just ask us, I’ve put the popular Supra sizes on our website here.

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