eBS eBoost Street 40psi

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Adjustable Boost Controller to suit all Boost-Based Pnuematic Wastegate Actuators and External Wastegates. Does not suit Vacuum-Based, or Electronic Acutators
Fitment Requires Possible Fabrication and Qualified Calibration


Racing technology for the street! eBoost Street is an electronic boost controller aimed at the performance street market. Based on the same processor and featuring many of the same boost control features found on its big brother, The Award Winning eBoost2, the eBoost Street continues the eBoost tradition of providing class-leading boost control, value for money and no-nonsense features. features include 40psi max boost operating pressure and an auxiliary output, all within the tidy 1/4 DIN case.

Turbosmart’s Unique ‘Gate-Pressure’ Feature for unmatched boost response aswell as Boost Correction, adjustable sensitivity, auxilary input and configurable switch logic, the eBoost street packs a big punch in a small package!

1/4 DIN Sizing
Live Boost Display
Suits up to 40psi
Unique ‘Gate-Pressure’ Feature
Auxilary Input
RPM Shift Light Option


Additional information

Weight 0.67 kg
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 19 cm

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