Greddy Profec Map

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GReddy Profec MAP is possible to control more accurate the boost pressure control by using many factors with GReddy Profec.
The more, specification evolved to connect to Profec MAP is, not only boost compensasiton control by map but parameter setting with PC connection ( to use USB cable separately sold ) and gear position and speed and engine revolution and accel pedal angle display and data logger ability and display contrast change related to illumination brighness and to connect to remote control switch ( to use switching harness separately sold) etc, variation is wide.
This is the item that adds more specification with keeping its body compact and you can fully utilize this ability as a developed boost management system.

Product specification

Boost pressure calibration by calibration map.

Pick up the vertical axis(load),then boost pressure will controlled by following DUTY control from the point of horizonal axis(RPM) intersection.
※You can also control by only boost or following data value by SET and MAP.
※Only Profec control when you take away the ProfecMAP

  • Boost calibration MAP
    There has 3 mode LO BOOST / HI BOOST / SCRAMBLE ,either one has available to control by 2 face of boost calibration MAP
  • Each gear calibration MAP with 10×10 calibration MAP are possible to control boost for any gear.
  • All tempreture calibration MAP has same mode of temperature calibration MAP. You can control the boost pressure on any cases to protect your turbo, for example until engine gets warm enough or when it nearly overheated situation.

RPM・Throttle position・Speed・Gear position・Tempreture boost control

RPM recognition

RPM signal are practical until 8-cylinder
Even without RPM signals, recognition works from crank angle.

Throttle position recognition

Acquisition Voltage from throttle signal, There recognize throttle opening(%)

Speed recognition

Speed(Km/h) are recognizing from car speed pulse.

Gear position recognition

By recognizing gear, We can show it in real-time and also capable for MAP calibration. Maximum gear calibration are 6 stages and showing in real-time are available for 8 stages.

Temperature recognition

As you making temperature table for any value, almost every temperature sensor are available.

Shows car information in real-time

Item will add to Profec monitor in real time.
You can fit as compact screen without using several other screens.

※RPM shows in 3-digit(8000rpm→800rpm)
※According to the update for Profec side, Boost design(Lo,Hi,SC) setup are also changing.

MAP trace equipment

Connect to main PC , As you can show it in painted frame to recognize by your sight ,while you are down loading.

Data logging equipment

You can use as datalogger while you are connecting to the PC

Switching of illumination linkage luminance

You can change the main screen luminance by switching Daylight mode and Night mode

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