Whifbitz Supra solid subframe and diff mount set

supradiffmountrearToday we removed and refitted the diff and rear subframe to fit our Whifbitz Supra solid subframe and diff mounts to the car. The Whifbitz diff mount set, CNC machined from aluminium and steel, these parts are designed to eliminate wheel hop and stop any movement in the drivetrain. As the cars are getting older and older we are seeing more and more of the stock bushes wearing out increasing movement which causes the diff to move around, not what you need.

supradiffmountfront2The diff mount kit comes with:

  • Aluminium diff ear mounts, these simply press into the diff after removal of your standard mounts. Anodised blue for a fantastic long lasting finish.
  • Steel weld in rear mounts, these needs to be welded in replacing the standard mounts


suprasubframerear2_1The rear subframe kit comes with:

  • Aluminium rear subframe front mounts, these replace the stock rubber bushes which must be removed the subframe. The replacement aluminium bushes push into the holes, no need for a press.
  • Aluminium rear subframe rear mounts including anti roll bar mounds, all built in. Simple remove your standard rubber mounts and fit these replacements

Available to purchase at our online shop here www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/index.php/toyota/supra/diff-gearbox-axle.html

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