Adds 566bhp Supra

When Add contacted us he asked for the fastest spooling turbo kit possible. Being an auto this is hugely important to keep the car daily driveable and responsive. The choice was easy, using one of our own Whifbitz turbo kits with a Bullseye S362 turbocharger, the results were stunning, 566bhp and 555lb/ft torque. Please see the spec list below:

1995 Black J-Spec + Bullseye S362 turbo
* Running 1.1-1.5 bar
* Whifbitz S362 single turbo kit
* AEM PRO Standalone ECU
* Nur Spec R (Full decat / CW R/R)
* Whifbitz Oil Catch tank
* NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
* Walbro Pump
* Miami-GT FMIC
* Whifbitz 16 Row Auto Cooler Kit
* OEM Side skirts and Spats
* UK Bonnet (+ Scoop)
* Clear side repeaters
* Cusco Front/Rear Strut Brace
* Miami-GT Front Mount I/C Polished Cover
* 18inch SSR Integral
* Blitz SBC ID III
* Sard 650cc Injectors
* HKS Oil Pressure and Water Temp Gauges (In Pillar Pod)
* Clear facelift front indicators

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